Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kindle Paperwhite Case DIY

It's Monday night, I'm writing two papers, one is due on Friday and the other two weeks from now. Just a typical school night until something on the Internet caught my eyes. A random ad on the side of my Facebook advertising homemade kindle case! No actually just kidding I got bored and went to look up to how make your own kindle case because I'm too cheap to buy a good one.

Decided to use old composition book as the spine for this case

Removing the pages

Meauring and cutting out the extra sides

Comparing the Kindle to make sure the dimensions are right

Cutting away with my really really null knife

Cutting the tarp according to the size of the book

After trying glue, stables, and tape I realized duct tape is the only thing strong enough to hold everything together and still look presentable. (Well kinda)

The outside after I was done

Final Product! Looks real cheap but it'll do for now

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